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27.02.2017 - 02.04.2017

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My name is Andrii Konopko. I am 24-year-old artist from Ukraine (Khmelnytskyi). In My opinion, sharing with people positive emotions and ideas - is what art is created for. Nature, history and people have always inpired me for art; therefore, I am most interested in making works connected to those topics.

Artist education of mine consist of 4 year in art school and hundreds hours of self-education. Water colors and Graphic pencils are the materials which I am most familiar with. However, I have also broad experience in such techniques as oil, acrylic paints and textile coloring.

Before coming to Finland i had already two potrait exhebitions in Ukraine, held in the national university of Ostroh Academy: "Without right for a mistake" 1 and 2. I draw potraits of my friends with a ballpoint pen. My aim was to show works which were made accurately from the first stroke. You can erase and correct the pencil, but in pen technique there is only on chance to perform well- straight away, every stroke at the right place. Consequently, those two exhebitions brought me what I was striving for: experience and skills in making potraits. Money collected from selling works was spent on charity (local orphan boarding school).

My hope is that this exhipition "BRIGHT TURKU in the Grey Routine Days" will rase awereness among people of Turku, how beautiful is the city we are living in. Each of us might be from different country, localtion, geographical belt or time zone, but we shall value the spirit of Turku that unities all of us into one unique society.

Materials used for exhepition: Water colors, aquarelle paper, parts of my soul.


Andrii Konopko
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